Believe Bigger plus Prayer Cards
100 Days of Believing Bigger

“Start each day daring to
believe God for the impossible”

From Best Selling Author + Reinvention Strategist for Women Marshawn Evans Daniels

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Inspired By the Best-Selling Book

You’re not alone.

So glad you’re here. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. The demands. The kids. The boss lady grind and whatever else qualifies for superwoman syndrome on steroids. And, not to mention the different forms of disruption we’re all facing right now.

However, it is time to re-calibrate and realign with what matters most. And, it’s time to discover what God has for you on the other side of disruption and disappointment. What helps me is spending guided time with God. As I wrote Believe Bigger® the book, I always intended for it to serve as a catalyst for drawing women back into the bosom of Heaven … so close that we can feel God’s heartbeat.

And, for years, women have asked how I structure my quiet time and to take a peek inside my journals. They’re filled with prayers, scripture, revelation, and questions that help me hear in a different dimension. Now, I’d like to share this sweet ‘n stretching sacredness with you.

I’m thrilled that we now have the 100 Days Devotional-Journal available in eBook and Audiobook.  And, we have a new resource called 100 Prayers to Share designed to help you step into your mission by inviting others to Believe Bigger.

Start each day closer to God, clearer about your purpose, and more in love with the beauty + complexity of your life.

As iron sharpens iron, it’s my hope that you’ll link arms with other women daring to Believe Bigger and go through this devotional-journal in community.  You can learn about our tribe of believers here.

And, consider sowing a copy into the life of another woman who you believe in and want to see enter into God’s next level plan and purpose.

Sis – my prayer is that we will upgrade our inner self-talk + faith-walk together.

Let’s get started, shall we??

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About the Devotional-Journal

Now Available in eBook + Audio Book

 100 Days of Believing Bigger is devotional with a built-in journal. The digital world with downloads is wonderful – but I’m ole’ skool! There is something incredibly supernatural about writing…that’s why the bible asks us to write the vision down.

So I can’t wait for you to get this in your hands.

I literally squealed in glee when I saw how elegant the final layout turned out! It’s beautiful + bold. Two dimensions that God is inviting this generation of women to embrace. Everything about God inspires beauty and creativity. I want that for you.

Now, many know me for my success in business and passion for the word, way and will of God. But, one of my secret weapons has been focused journaling. It’s a way that we partner with the Holy Spirit to align our lives, and (when needed) rest our weary souls. I designed this devo-journal the same way that I personally study and marinate in the word.

Each daily entry is organized into four (4) yummy parts.


Each day we’ll start with a scripture of the day. I have hand (and heart!) selected each one to anchor your thoughts, purify your heart and center your mind. This will serve as your daily focus.


Next, I’ll walk you through a daily teaching. Think of this as our conversation together. These aren’t super long, but they are power+full and designed to foster spirit-shifts, mind-shifts, peace and overdue life-shifts. You’ll be able to highlight and add revelation + notes in the margin.


Then, you’ll chronicle your thoughts and whispers from heaven with your daily journal prompt. I’ve provided specific questions that will guide your writing and challenge your fears ‘n ego while also upgrading your beliefs ‘n purpose.


Finally, you’ll close out each sitting with a guided Believe Bigger prayer. These are not gimme-gimme or bless-me prayers. Nope. These are faith stretching, surrender and “get-me-out-of-the-way-so-that-heaven-can-have-it’s-way” bold prayers.

Hearing the word is powerful.

100 Days of Believing Bigger Audiobook

Now you can experience 100 Days of Believing Bigger in audiobook format narrated by me.

You’ll start each day immersed in daily focus, scripture, reflection and guided prayers that unlock courage and clarity. 

Set your atmosphere.
Calibrate your mind.
Anchor your heart. 

And, hear what Heaven has to say to you and about you. 

who is this for?

This devotional journal is designed for women seeking to live out their full purpose, believe God for the impossible and for those daring to believe bigger than what they’ve been through. 

Women’s Groups


Bible Study Gatherings

Women Ready to Reinvent and SHIFT 



Career Women

Women’s Ministries

Teenager Girls


Women Who Lead (or Desire To)

Change Makers

Here’s What We’ll Cover

I know 100 entries may seem like a lot. Don’t worry! These are bite sized so that you can spend 10 to 15 minutes per day with the Holy Spirit. I’ve broken them down into 10 topics with 10 daily devotionals for each topic. Think of these as 10-day sprints as opposed to tackling the whole thing at once like eating an elephant.



belief + faith
blessing blockers
obedience + blessing

Let’s see what happens when
you stop praying from a posture of “what if,”
and start expectantly praying “as if.”

My desire is that you’ll start and end each day feeling closer to God, more certain about your significance, clearer about your purpose, and in love with the beauty + complexity of your life.


Prayers to Share Cards

Know someone who could use a reminder of God’s limitless power?

Everyone can use a little encouragement, a little strength, a little love, a little faith, a reminder of their significance and God’s one-of-a-kind dreams for them.

Believe Bigger Prayers are designed to anchor others in their true identity, unleash purpose, and activate unshakeable faith. Our 100 Prayers to Share tear-off note cards make it easy to pass along boldness + belief to friends, family and even acquaintances who are in need of a pick me up in this season of life. Each has just the right sentiment, wisdom, and creative art for you to give to anyone to spark a hope and inspiration in their day.

It’s easy, just tear a prayer and share!


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+ Endurance. Endurance. Endurance.

+ Redefine What is Means to Believe Bigger and How to Upgrade Your Vision for What’s Coming in this Next Decade



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Just What I Needed…When I Needed It.

I’ve been reading “Believe Bigger” by Marshawn Evans Daniels, and as I neared the end of the book, I found out that “100 Days of Believing Bigger” was being released. I placed my order, and to my surprise, it arrived early! It was exactly what I needed when I needed it. In the past 21 days, this devotional has really helped me to unpack scripture, focus on where God is leading me, and reflect on aspects of my own journey and purpose. I highly recommend this devotional to any woman on the journey toward believing for more and finding her God-given purpose. I am excited to share this book with other women in my circle. It has already made a difference for me, and I know that it will do the same for others.

Vika S.

This devotional is changing my life!!!

This devotional is literally changing my life! Every day goes deeper into various scriptures and is calling me to go into a new dimension in my walk with God. Deep calls out to deep and this devotional is pushing me and beckoning me to shed the dead weight and to begin to operate at my truest and highest self. This women I am evolving to doesn’t need permission to exist, she knows she is ordained and called by Him and for His glory. I can’t thank Marshawn enough for her obedience and dedication to writing this devotional. The seeds of her work will hear much fruit of all who use it for years to come! On top of that the devotional is beautiful in its design and the journal prompts are reflective and help me to continue to grapple with the topic of the day. Job well done! You will not be disappointed- there’s a reason this devotional has been sold out for weeks- it’s amazing🙌🏾

Chinasa E.

Just get it!

I love this new devotional. It’s very well thought out and less is more (if you’ve ever had to contain your ideas to shorter writing, you know how much harder it is). Marshawn was intentional about making this something you can read in ten minutes a day without compromising the depth of content. It is meaty and it will help you close out your year strong and laser-focused on the things that matter. Get one for your friends too!


The Community

Wanna join a tribe of women Believers who are daring to Believe Bigger + Live Bolder together? 

Our focus: Hearing from The Holy Spirit + Taking the Next 100 Days to Dive into The 10 Pillars of Believing Bigger

We’d love to link arms with you to help you upgrade your faith, thinking, inner circle and mission.  The only thing missing is you. 


the believe bigger family

let's do this warrior princess



I’ve always believed that every life-shift begins with a mind-shift.

When we bathe ourselves in God’s presence, we position ourselves for higher purpose. You’re not here by accident. I believe another dimension of your destiny is calling. But, before you go higher, you’ll have to dig deeper.

It takes courage to embrace the magnitude of who you really are.

I see you. I believe in you. It would be my delight to support you in entering the bigger version of you waiting to emerge.


Do I need to have the Book Believe Bigger?

No, but if you loved the guided questions, tone and bold prayers there, you’re going to love the goodies here! 

What if I’d like to purchase multiple copies?

That’s awesome!  How thoughtful of you to think of other women to bless and sow into.  Click here to purchase multiple copies.

Who is this devotional for?

This journal is designed for those seeking to live out their full purpose, believe God for the impossible and for those daring to believe bigger than what they’ve been through. This resource is perfect for women’s groups, entrepreneurs, masterminds, career women, women’s ministry and teenagers.  It’s actually a wonderful opportunity to gather in community and also a chance for mom’s and daughters to explore the word and will of God together.  It’s an on time gift for those dealing with disruption and a ready made resource for coaches, influencers, leaders and life-changers to guide those that they already teach, mentor or pour into.  

What’s the Difference between this and Marshawn’s 21-Day Digital Devotional?

Great question!  The 21-Day Devotional is a download.  The 100 Days of Believing Bigger is a devotional + journal.  And, it’s a physical resource for you to have.  It is also broken into 10 separate topics that Marshawn believes will uniquely guide and strength you to upgrade your faith. 

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Equipping Women to Believe Bigger® and Live Bolder is What I was Born to Do

Marshawn Evans Daniels is a Reinvention Strategist, Influence Expert and Best-Selling Author known as The Godfidence® Coach.

A media maven and master in the art of manifestation, this former Georgetown Law Center Trained Sports Attorney, Miss America Finalist and competitor on ABC’s The Apprentice, turned her passion for people into a million-dollar enterprise helping women to Believe Bigger®, Live Bigger and Profit Bigger.

As the Chairwoman of the Godfidence Business School and Founder of SHE Profits®, her firm’s courses, events, and results-based coaching programs equip emerging and established influencers and entrepreneurs to monetize and market their message to the masses.
Featured regularly on CNN, Fox Business, and ESPN, her client roster includes HP, Home Depot, EY, Delta, Tiffany & Co., Nike, Rolls Royce and NFL & NBA Athletes.

Marshawn released her best-selling book, SKIRTS in the Boardroom, published by Wiley, the largest business book publisher in the world. It was the first time Wiley published a business book with an African-American female under the age of thirty! Her new book Believe Bigger® teaches 5 Keys to SHIFTING into Your Life Purpose.

Higher is Calling.
Your SHIFT Starts Here.